Strategic Planning and Community Engagement

Facilities Needs Committee

In 2022, the district completed an update to its Facilities Master Plan, which identified the need for a second high school as a priority. The Master Plan calls for:

  • Past and present facilities projects; 
  • Student enrollment figures and projections;  
  • Community development;  
  • Facility capacity;  
  • Constructing a new high school; 
  • Improvements to Hollister High School; 
  • Facility funding plans; and
  • Objectives moving forward. 

In addition, a Facilities Needs Committee was convened in October 2022 . The committee met eight times and presented its final report to the Board of Trustees in May 2023 calling for the construction of a second high school.

K – 8th Grade Listening Sessions

During the Fall of 2023, district leaders met with community stakeholders to collect feedback about priorities for a second high school. The top priorities identified were:

  1. Space, ease, comfort and quality
  2. Equitable opportunities for student excellence;
  3. A safe and welcoming school culture;
  4. Natural beauty;
  5. Community connection and positive impact; and
  6. Future readiness and fiscal responsibility.

Community Town Hall

On January 18, 2024, the community was invited to a unique opportunity to provide design input on a second high school in the San Benito High School District during an English-language town at Hollister High School. A Spanish-language session was held on January 31. HMC Architects guided the hands-on discussion and activities in the school library.

Building a Brighter Future San Benito High School District
Strategic Planning Community Engagement
SBHSD Town Hall Meeting


Board of Trustees adopts Facilities Master Plan calling for a second high school


  • Updates to the Facilities Master Plan
  • Facilities Needs Committee Established
  • Rounding cycles of public feedback completed


  • Board of Trustees approves agreement with an environmental consulting group, construction company and architectural firm
  • Facilities Needs Committee presents their final report
  • Town Hall and elementary site visits


  • Town Hall meetings in January and June 
  • Ongoing committee meetings

Your Input Matters!

As SBHSD explores options to update local school facilities, we value your input. For more information, please contact our Public Information and Communications Officer, Adam Breen, at .