Building a Brighter Future

Enrollment at Hollister High School is above its maximum capacity of 3,400 students and expected to reach 3,900 students in the next five years. Hollister High School is overcrowded, which threatens student and teacher safety when quick action is needed in emergency situations and makes effective student supervision difficult.

SBHSD is pursuing all available funding opportunities for a second high school that would relieve overcrowding at Hollister High, and provide access to career pathways and job skills for all students.

To address this issue, part of the solution could be bond funding in an upcoming election that will:

  • Provide our local high school students access to high-quality education
  • Ensure a second high school includes facilities for developing college and career readiness
  • Add classrooms and labs for math, science, engineering, technology and core academics
  • Offer local students classes and access to hands-on learning programs
  • In partnership with Gavilan College, provide college and job training for our students
  • Deliver specialized learning facilities for students with disabilities

Mandatory Fiscal Accountability

SBHSD has a proven track record of fiscal stewardship. A clear system of accountability would be required:

  • A detailed project list indicating projects that could be funded
  • A Citizens’ Oversight Committee and independent audits
  • All funds must remain under local control
  • The State cannot take local funds
  • Public disclosures of all spending would be required
  • No funds for administrator salaries or benefits
Building a Brighter Future San Benito High School District
SBHS Science Class

Your Input Matters!

As SBHSD explores options to update local school facilities, we value your input. For more information, please contact our Public Information and Communications Officer, Adam Breen, at .